How we do it.

We make the invisible visible.

Ingredient manufacturers set themselves apart by focusing on what they make possible.

How do you market possibility?

When a corporate brand demands creative allegiance, how do you distinguish your product? Distilling a manufacturer's elevated company brand into everyday customer connections is a complex conflict that too many creative consultants ignore.

With a dual audience of customers and end users, effective B2B product marketing requires more than a basic presentation of features and functionality. Simply put, your audiences need better stories.

So, how do you spark awareness, engagement and trust within budget? Start with a solid strategic foundation and you'll find that creativity and technology are complements, not adversaries.

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A perfected process for B2B organizations

We have a proven framework to analyze audience concerns, current perceptions and expected outcomes. We visualize a messaging platform that fits within the guardrails of the corporate brand. And we actualize the campaign specifics, bringing the best ideas to life across the right communication channels.

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Competitive Analysis
Communications Audit
Digital Landscape Review
Branding Audit
Content Research & Audit
Discovery Reviews
UX/UI Evaluation
Audience Profiling
Social Media Review

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Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Strategy & Planning
Message & Name Strategy
Concept Development
Project Management
Scripting & Storyboarding
Event Strategy & Planning
Social Media Strategy

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Identity Development
Digital Marketing
Event Branding & Support
Video & Animation
Interactive Design & Development
Integrated Campaigns
Messaging & Naming
Data Visualization
Content Marketing

Marjoram created an incredible branding foundation that helped us understand the connection between product, message, and audience. With their help, we now can tell OUR story, OUR way and to OUR audience. They are now a huge part of who we are as we continue to grow. Exciting times for sure.