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Branding with heart creates lasting community ties.


Branding with heart creates lasting community ties.
In 2015, Quest Diagnostics joined forces with Solstas, a diagnostic laboratory with deep roots in the Greensboro community. The new Solstas Quest brand partnered with the American Heart Association to become an annual sponsor the local AHA Heart Walk.

Quest needed to brand the event itself while also speaking to their business of medical laboratory diagnostics. The event name “Roll Up Your Sleeves” emphasizes heart-healthy practices such as regular blood pressure readings, as well as “getting to work” in making positive lifestyle changes for better health.

Create a warm, friendly brand for the event with a nod to the importance of heart health and community involvement. In an effort to promote Solstas Quest and the American Heart Association, Marjoram designed event branding that would:

  • Present a friendly, community-involved side to Solstas Quest
  • Be easily remembered year after year
  • Provide the sales team with appropriate support in the medical community
  • Be easily adapted to clothing, print, event and digital tactics


  • The brand received over 70 million impressions (versus 2 million last year)
  • A cohesive visual identity that can be repurposed each year
  • Greater brand awareness associating Solstas Quest with the AHA and the larger Greensboro area