How to Drive B2B Trade Show Traffic Using Technology

January 11, 2023 / Marjoram

At the same time trade shows were being limited due to the pandemic, we were all becoming more and more comfortable in front of screens. Now that events are back, it’s time to fully incorporate marketing technology into your B2B trade show presence to create an immersive branded experience for all attendees—particularly your in-booth visitors.

  • Self-serve kiosks allow attendees to learn more about your products or services at their own pace. These digital displays can include videos, interactive product demonstrations, or other engaging content that showcases your offerings and entices your visitors to ask questions.
  • Interactive touchscreens or tablets allow attendees to easily browse and access customized information about your products or services. (This is where your digital product catalog really shines!)
  • Targeted social media integration allows event attendees to connect with each other—and more importantly, you—on the show floor. Using brand-owned hashtags, sharing attendee photos, or even creating a dedicated URL or app containing useful information for attendees are all ways to enhance your digital presence at the event.
  • Gamification elements can create buzz among show attendees and help drive traffic to your booth. Consider adding a simple digital quiz to your kiosk display, initiating digital scavenger hunts, or running any type of contest that results in branded swag for every winner. (Because no matter the audience, people love free stuff. #facts)

B2B trade shows are one of the most effective ways to create new customer relationships, so don’t miss the opportunity to create a memorable, branded experience for your booth visitors.

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