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When complexity is all you know, it’s easy to think that’s what everyone else knows, too.

Industrial brands need more than complex language to break through. They need product messaging that tightly aligns with the business objectives of their brand. That’s why we only start on the strategic side of any project, working with industrial product teams to align stakeholders and clarify goals before the first tactic is ever produced.

Take the first step toward a more effective product message.

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Take the first step toward a more effective product message.


We help industrial marketers simplify their stories.

Most industrial B2B brands focus on what they make. But what does your product make possible? We champion that. We highlight that. We build on that. We visualize that

How we do it.

Align. Clarify. Message. Messaging Framework

Message framing sets your industrial product marketing apart by focusing on what your product or service makes possible.

Whether your focus is on industrial product marketing or industrial digital marketing, you create trust by being helpful, not by selling. You demonstrate an intention to help customers by focusing on their problems - not your own awesomeness. Message framing finds that empathetic core and articulates it across every marketing touchpoint. The best industrialmessaging educates prospects quickly, creates interest, and generates quality leads— in that order.

Message Framing

Message Framing

[ APPROX. COST $30k+ ]*

Timeframe: 6-12 Weeks

We provide the playbook (messaging guidelines) and your internal resources implement it.

*Timing and cost depend on complexity

Their deep understanding of my issues and their vast network of resources are invaluable to me. They care about my success, and it shows in their work ethic and their attitude towards me.

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Henkel Corporation

It is hard to put into words how impactful they truly are, but it is well worth the money if you are looking to grow or scale your business in this competitive market.

Founder, CEO Knitt – Lisa Munter


The careful guidance and advice given by the Marjoram team moved so many of our marketing programs from impossible to doable through a proven process and impactful creative.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Tessenderlo Kerley

Get an example of how message framing can help set you apart by focusing on what your industrial product makes possible. Simply fill out the form above and we’ll reach back out to you.