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Love at First Symbol

Eric Marjoram | 02.14.2013

For the first time in its 127-year history, the Oxford English Dictionary is adding a symbol to its collection of over 45,000 words. Readers who now look up the word "heart" will find the [♥] symbol listed as a verb meaning "to love".

The most recognized and famous version of the heart symbol was created by Milton Glaser in 1977. It was Glaser's "I [heart] New York" logo that turned the symbol [♥] of a noun into a simple and iconic verb (to love).

The logo was created as part of an advertising campaign for New York State by NYC agency Wells Rich Greene. Glaser, an ardent New Yorker, was asked to design a logo that would embody the theme of the campaign—"I Love New York". What he created was a symbol of iconic love that would be turned and twisted into a million different ways for an eternity.