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What we do: Clarify.

Strategic Consulting.

Get expert objective guidance and a blueprint to market what you make possible.

What's so tough about a marketing strategy? Just figure out what you want to achieve and the best way to get there, right?

The blueprint gets much more complex for successfully bringing new, sophisticated B2B products to market. Does the market perceive you in a positive or negative way? (Or not at all?) What work challenges make sleep fitful for your buyers? What messages will get the attention of your ideal customers? How much will this marketing cost, and what should you expect in return?

Component manufacturers face additional strategy complexity. You must understand the needs of both your customers and their customers who are the ultimate end users.

We had struggled with how to rebrand ourselves for some time. Marjoram was able to come straight in and help us find our new voice and identity with a process that was seamless.

Director of Marketing

S8 | Engineering

Cut through all that complexity with clarity.

We will help make sense of it all with you. Mapping out what you need to succeed, assessing the market and competitive realities, and framing out your customers’ pain points through effective messaging. Sorting through all the complex details for you until they become simple.

Make Your Vision Shine Through Clearly

Our goal is to make your vision shine through in clear and confident ways. Done right, it should spark excitement and momentum.

Here's how we do it:

  • Discover and uncover where you are and your top opportunities
  • Assess your brand and messaging
  • Assess your digital assets and capabilities
  • Profile ideal customers and buyers
  • Frame messaging that connects with your ideal targets
  • Create content and channel strategies.

What should you expect?

You should expect industry expertise, brand knowledge and understanding, ambitious but achieveable plans, and an honest view of where you stand and how you can progress.

Most importantly, you should expect a marketing partner who's been there and done that and truly understands the challenges you face and how to make your life easier.

What should you expect?
Henkel Easyflow Messaging Campaign

Henkel Corporation

A Mighty Approach to Product Campaign Messaging

Marketing campaign and messaging built upon a core idea of confidence to establish a unique and ownable identity for Easyflow. By leveraging the unique form factor, we created a messaging framework that focused on the small size of the technology.

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How can we help you focus on what you make possible?

Is your brand or product story complicated—or non-existent? Are you trying to manage expectations? Or do you just like to talk?

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