An ingredient brand manifesto.

What do you make (possible)?

December 12, 2019 / Marjoram

We get / We build / We ignite ingredient brands.

Marjoram Manifesto

We see the piece that makes the whole better.
We know how to help your customers see it, too.

We help ingredient manufacturers step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, into the place where they tell relevant stories about what they make possible.

Does Tide list a bunch of chemical ingredients on the front label – or do they simply promise clean, fresh clothing? Does BMW speak to each component in the engine – or do they bring it all together to promise the ultimate driving experience?

What does your ingredient make possible?
We get that. We champion that. We build on that. We visualize that.
We make the difference between getting noticed and being ignored.

Too often B2B component manufacturers create a gap between their “corporate brand” and the products that marketing and business development teams need to deliver to their markets. Corporate brands try to be aspirational. Product and sales teams are on the front lines; they need real, tangible communications that leverage the big brand idea but also speak directly to the immediate needs and concerns of their customers and their consumers.

We help clients build the stories that stand out without standing apart. Stories that get noticed because they are told through the lens of the corporate brand in the language of the consumer.

We are ingredient brand experts.
We have a proven framework to analyze current perceptions, desired outcomes and audience concerns and needs. We visualize a messaging platform that fits within the guardrails of the corporate brand. And we actualize the campaign elements and specifics, bringing the ideas to life across all needed communications channels.

It’s time, ingredient brands.
It’s time to speak beyond what you have, beyond what you do.
It’s time to tell the story about what you make possible.
It’s time to bring your ingredient to life.

It’s time to make the invisible visible.