What we do.

We help complex B2B brands improve their message.

Most complex B2B brands focus on what they make.

But what does your brand, product, or service make possible?

We champion that. We highlight that We build on that. We visualize that.

As a B2B brand, you face strategic complexity beyond the B2C world. You have to understand the needs of both your customers and their customers, the ultimate end users.

The blueprint gets more complex when you update a go-to-market strategy. Does the market perceive you in a positive or negative way—or not at all? What problems keep your ideal customer awake at night? What messages will get their attention? Is your website speaking to these prospects effectively? Are the foundational elements of your brand marketing in harmony?

The Marjoram team invests in truly understanding our business and how we operate internally. For almost ten years, they have become an extension of our own marketing department helping us turn insights into ideas that have a huge impact on our goals and objectives.

Director, Marketing

First Data

How we help:

Every new client engagement begins with a strategic diagnostic (Discovery) that includes aligning perceptions, clarifying objectives, and ackowledging realities.

With a proven process that sets audience concerns against expected outcomes, we create a targeted messaging framework to bring the best ideas to life across the right communication channels. Distilling complex details until they are simple, effective, and relevant.

Message Framing

Strategy: Clarify Your Message.

You create trust by being helpful, not by selling. You demonstrate an intention to help customers by focusing on their problems - not your own awesomeness. Message framing finds that empathetic core and articulates it across every marketing touchpoint.

The best messaging educates prospects quickly, creates interest, and generates leads—in that order.

Brand Reframing

Execution: Amplify Your Progress.

To succeed in B2B marketing, strategy is the foundational structure everything is built upon. Then you need reliable tactical implementation. An experienced team, ready to efficiently execute your marketing tactics—immediately. If you don't have the right expertiseor enough bandwidth in-house, Marjoram can help.

We’re your external advocate, amplifying your existing message strategy to create results. Now.

How can we help you focus on what you make possible?

Is your brand or product story complicated—or non-existent? Are you trying to manage competing expectations? Or do you just like to talk?

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