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Ingredient Consultancy

complicated b2b brands.

Clarify your message without confusing your prospects.

So what defines you as a complex B2B brand?

Is your product or service leading with technical or complex language? Do you talk about the things you make or do instead of what you make possible? Do your product or sales teams need real, tangible stories that leverage the big brand idea but also speak directly to the immediate needs and concerns of their prospects?

What do you make (possible)?

Henkel Easyflow Messaging Campaign

Henkel Corporation

A Mighty Approach to Product Campaign Messaging

Marketing campaign and messaging built upon a core idea of confidence to establish a unique and ownable identity for Easyflow. By leveraging the unique form factor, we created a messaging framework that focused on the small size of the technology.

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Their deep understanding of my issues and their vast network of resources are invaluable to me. They care about my success, and it shows in their work ethic and their attitude towards me.

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Henkel Corporation

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