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Henkel Corporation

How to position a new adhesive with a unique difference (its form)

Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the world’s number one adhesives producer. Their focus on materials innovation in the packaging and consumer goods market resulted in the creation of Easyflow®, a patented hot melt adhesive delivered in small, non-sticky micro chub form. This unique form allows auto-feeding of Technomelt® adhesives with melt-on-demand capabilities within a closed system to minimize operator handling and increase production efficiency.

Marjoram comes to each marketing challenge with a fresh perspective and great ideas that work across the marketing, technical and sales teams very well.

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Henkel Corporation

The Challenge:

Henkel needed to build awareness for this unique adhesive form that addressed multiple pain points in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products. To break from the competitive set, Henkel aspired to own a strong, simple idea in the global market — with a messaging strategy and awareness campaign to introduce the new technology. Their audience ranged from large brand manufacturers (primarily focused on efficiency) to emerging brands (primarily focused on purity) with their combined top priorities of quality and safety.

The Strategy:

Marjoram created a campaign built upon a core idea of confidence to establish a unique and ownable identity for Easyflow. By leveraging the unique form factor, we created a messaging framework that focused on the small size of the technology. Using Henkel’s “with the consumer in mind” directive, our message focused on end-user benefits while communicating how the multiple B2B audience segments could create value (more) from the product attributes (less).

The Outcome:

We were able to create a global go-to-market messaging strategy built on Henkel’s promise to create confidence in the minds of their customers (and their customers’ customers, consumers). By incorporating the unique product message into a value-based story, we helped Henkel accelerate brand communication with their sales teams and their target audiences.

Their deep understanding of my issues and their vast network of resources are invaluable to me. They care about my success, and it shows in their work ethic and their attitude towards me.

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Henkel Corporation

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