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What we do: Amplify.

Creative Marketing Support.

It all starts by creating the marketing activities that deliver progress, activity, and results.

Most B2B companies measure marketing tactics by activity.

“How often are we posting on LinkedIn? Can we do a video like this competitor? Let’s advertise to ‘get our name out there.’ We should write more blog posts.”

Doing tactical stuff feels satisfying and productive. But activity is only as good as the results and possibilities it creates.

At Marjoram we only care about doing the things that align with a solid strategy, purpose and objective. Anything else just wastes valuable time and money.

From the idea to the implementation, Marjoram gets it. They get us. They bring a unique perspective to the challenges we face that focus on our business goals and objectives.

Director of Marketing Communications

Cytec Industries

Smart execution delivered through a strategic foundation.

We will help make sense of it all with you. Mapping out what you need to succeed, assessing the market and competitive realities, and framing out your customers’ pain points through effective messaging. Sorting through all the complex details for you until they become simple.

Amplify Your Message

A focus that forges connection.

We can help you execute many B2B marketing tactics effectively.
But we’re only going to do the ones that advance your strategy, engagement, and product go-to-market success through:

  • Concept development
  • Content marketing
  • Digital design and development
  • Brand development and articulation
  • Campaign development
  • Trade event support

We’ll help implement tools that expand your market share, not just the newest, trendiest, shiniest ones. (Unless they work. There’s nothing wrong with shiny if it does the job.)

That’s what we mean by “Amplify.” Our team of marketers, technologists, designers, and planners work creatively to reach your target market, establish trust and value, create demand, and build strong connections. Every connection should boldly reinforce what you make possible along with the strengths of your brand that mean the most to them.
(hint: It’s about them and not you.)

Amplify Your Branding

Cytec Industries

Transforming the way product information is used and viewed.

Marjoram produced an online/offline touchscreen application that allowed prospects and current customers to interact with product information by self-selecting criteria.

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How can we help you focus on what you make possible?

Is your brand or product story complicated—or non-existent? Are you trying to manage expectations? Or do you just like to talk?

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