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Cytec Industries

Cytec Industries is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for the aerospace and industrial materials, mining, and plastics industries. As the company expanded and the divisions were consolidated, they looked for a more collaborative and functional way to use the impressive database of products that was difficult to use due to the complexities that surrounded it. The use of the data was not intuitive, and the organization caused confusion, excessive labor and redundant tasks.


The Challenge:

Sifting through and organizing data is anything but easy; however, when you add a limited budget to the task, it becomes monumental. Cytec needed to access their data in a simple and intuitive manner and to not only use it to help their customers, but also create a constant stream of valuable leads.

The Solution:

As Marjoram evaluated the problem, we learned one important piece of information: sharing the same data from one source was paramount to the success of the project.  Additionally, using caching technology allowed Marjoram to sidestep expensive App building, saving our clients time and money.

Marjoram produced an online/offline touchscreen application that allowed prospects and current customers to interact with product information by self-selecting criteria. The offline aspect also avoided the need for otherwise unreliable internet connections at tradeshows and important events. Marjoram was also able to repurpose the design for an online version on the Cytec website that pulled from the same database.

The Results:

  • The Cytec team was able to access product data worldwide from a single input point.
  • Marjoram eliminated previous technical disadvantages by delivering a version that could be populated from online data but could be presented in an offline environment.
  • Marjoram offered a way for marketing to gather interested leads in a product and the customer to automatically receive a product specific datasheet.


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Director of Marketing Communications, Cytec Industries