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Cytec Industries

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Cytec Industries was one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty chemicals and advanced materials for the aerospace, automotive, mining, and industrial industries. As a spin-off from the original American Cyanamid Company, Cytec had over 100 years of experience making resins, plastics, and composite materials. As the company expanded and divisions were consolidated, they needed a more collaborative (and functional) way to use their impressive database of product information that was too difficult to use due to its complexities.

From strategy to implementation, Marjoram gets it. They get us. They bring a unique perspective to the challenges we face that focus on our business goals and objectives.

Director of Marketing Communications
Cytec Industries

The Challenge:

For Cytec, product data use was not intuitive because its lack of organization caused confusion, excessive labor, and redundant tasks. Sifting and organizing it was anything but easy; however, with a limited budget assigned, it became a monumental challenge. It became clear that sharing data from a single source was essential to their sales success—and how and where the data was displayed was equally important.

The Strategy:

The solution relied on updating all product information in a single, sharable database, then pulling that information directly into various resources. Marjoram created an online product selector guide to be added to their website—then an offline touchscreen version to avoid the need for unreliable internet connections at tradeshows and important events.

The Outcome:

Cytec received a simple and intuitive way to educate customers and engage prospects whether they were online or in-person on a tablet or phone. Marjoram used caching technology to sidestep expensive app building, saving Cytec time and money. A multi-channel tool that gave the product teams a single point of up-to-date information, and the sales teams a reliable tool to generate engagement and leads.

I’ve happily worked with Marjoram for over 15 years, with multiple organizations. Their deep understanding of my issues and their vast network of resources are invaluable to me.

Director of Marketing Communications
Cytec Industries

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