Engineering a new brand and message.

S8 Engineering

As a leader in EPC industry, S8 Engineering provides decades of experience in the scoping, designing, building and operating process plants worldwide. With a new name, they needed help identifying and clearly communicating their unique value to that industry.

S8 Engineering Logo Design

Properties you can count on.

The Challenge:

The organization needed focus. It had a new name and a story of ‘full-service construction capability anywhere you need them’ which was too broad to make an impact. Similar to MPR Services, S8 relied on the awareness of a well-established brand to carry its broad message but now it needed to stand by itself.

The Solution:

During the competitive review, Marjoram noticed that reliability and trust were front and center in the customer’s mind, so the focus turned to S8 Engineering’s commitment to excellence, from concept to completion. Through a combination of messaging, identity development, and collateral development, Marjoram created:

  • Messaging framework built around the core idea: “Properties You Can Count On”
  • Logomark suggesting engineering expertise and repeatable efficiencies
  • Visual identity system built around a photo grid with adaptable imagery depending on which vertical market is in play
  • Collateral including capabilities brochure, tradeshow exhibit, and print advertising

The Results:

  • An identity and messaging that positions the organization to thrive
  • A cohesive visual identity system for internal teams to use throughout the sales lifecycle, from lead generation, RFP development, to trade shows and events


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