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Don't burn down your B2B website just yet.

Before you torch your website (and long before you start collecting proposals to fix it), invest in an outside perspective on what already works—and what doesn't. For a flat fee, you'll get an outline for a more effective RFP process, regardless of who you hire to light (or fight) the fire.

Price: $2,500

Take the first step toward a more effective web presence.

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you an example diagnostic and a link to our questionnaire.

Take the first step toward a more effective web presence.


DIGITAL DIAGNOSTIC If your website isn’t performing like it used to, it's time to assess its effectiveness.

More than just building brand awareness, your B2B website should be actively creating demand for your products and services, too.

Our in-depth review weighs your website's effectiveness in five key areas:


The foundational reason your website exists. Why do you have one? What is it supposed to be doing for your organization? Everything about your site must align with those goals. Without this clear purpose, there's nothing to assess.


The sweet spot for great messaging is at the intersection of customer need and your expertise. But effective messaging requires more than a “If you build it, they will come” philosophy. You need to communicate that you have the solution to their problem. Quickly.


Structure can be defined as the user experience (UX) or the user interface (UI). It’s the “user flow” of the website. What are users supposed to be doing? Is it obvious? Is it intuitive for them to navigate? Clarity is critical.


Content can be defined as everything that communicates to the user. Is it in line with the messaging? Does it align with the audiences’ needs? Does it communicate clearly and with purpose, or is it unnecessarily complex?


Good appearances are subjective. You can, however, form objective opinions about whether a site's visual style aligns with its audience, message, or market. Is the design dated, complex, or just entirely misaligned?

Don’t light it. Right it.

Put down the RFP template and follow these simple steps. An investment to a better digital experience for your B2B organization is just around the corner.

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Step 2

We'll send you an example and a link to our questionnaire.

Step 3

Based on your answers, we’ll build our diagnostic and then set up a meeting to present it to you.

You may now burn down your site. (In some cases, we'll even hand you the matches.)

Clients Appreciate Marjoram Creative

We went in asking for a new website. We left with a redefined brand, clear messaging, and a fresh perspective on what makes us unique. Funny how you don't know what you really need until you work with true experienced professionals who care...and they are amazing at what they do.

It is hard to put into words how impactful they truly are, but it is well worth the money if you are looking to grow or scale your business in this competitive market.

Lisa Munter - Founder, CEO


“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
~ Red Adair ~

An expert opinion on what works and what doesn’t could mean the difference between starting on the right foot and starting over.