Launching a new brand at scale.

Columbia Basin Bioscience

Redefining the standards of purity and certainty in wholesale CBD production.

Columbia Basin Bioscience combines the gifts of nature with the unparalleled production experience of third generation farming to establish one of the largest, vertically integrated, single-site CBD production facilities in the world. Born out of frustration with an industry that played fast and loose when it came to quality or standards, CBB was created to address the needs that existed in the marketplace: purity, trust, and scale.

We asked Marjoram to help us develop a brand launch strategy and the tactical steps necessary to begin our marketing plans. It’s been a great partnership – they continue to deliver first-class creative and service.

Managing Partner, Columbia Basin Bioscience

The Challenge:

The organization needed everything: a new name, an identity that conveyed their commitment to quality and purity, and a messaging strategy that addressed market concerns. Due to demand and anticipated regulatory decisions, CBB was perfectly poised to become the standard bearer for an industry that had none.

The Strategy:

What better way to define the message of “Grown Here – Extracted Here” than to use their very location as the basis for their name and identity? A story that would capture the ideas of purity and commitment, and a brand that could scale rapidly as they grew. Their closed-loop system of vertically integrated production was the foundation of their story.

The Outcome:

The development of a strong identity and message that positioned the organization for immediate growth—along with marketing and sales support that spoke to their uniqueness and the integrity of their products. It was an origin story the fragmented CBD industry was crying out for: a reliable supply chain offering consistency, quality, and scale.

Marjoram is an extremely important part of our business development strategy. Their expertise and approach helped us develop and define our ideal customer and the best way to reach them.

Managing Partner, Columbia Basin Bioscience

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