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Money management app represents big business for small screens

First Data Campaign

Money management app represents big business for small screens.

The Money Network Mobile App is an account management tool for Money Network® cardholders that gives them quick access to their Account information at any time. This version of the app was a significant upgrade from the original launch, which offered little real-time information or money management tools.

To reach all Money Network customers, including current app users and those who had yet to download it, informing both audiences of the app’s many new features. The campaign was further segmented by Money Network’s customization, as not all payroll customers offered the same features at the same time to their employees. These variations, combined with communication channel preferences and legacy databases, required multiple tactics to convey a complicated message in a simple way to the widest possible audience.

As Marjoram evaluated the problem, we learned one important piece of information: sharing the same data from one source was paramount to the success of the project. Additionally, using caching technology allowed Marjoram to sidestep expensive App building, saving our clients time and money.

Idea: Marjoram focused on the idea of control—something the audience felt a compelling need for with imagery reflective of the audience, icons for various app features and messaging centered around the headline: “Your Money, Your Way.” was deployed utilizing the following tactics:  

  • Teaser emails to create excitement and test viability of email address lists
  • Launch email with links to download or upgrade app
  • Postcards for customers who have never downloaded the app
  • Posters for employee break rooms; flyers to hand out to employees
  • Banner ads prompting users to learn more via a landing page  
  • Feature-based emails
  • Landing page with additional information about the app
Money Network Landing Page
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Money Market Landing