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Every week, I share my thoughts, opinions, and rants about all things B2B branding and marketing. Opinions I’ve formed from being dragged through the B2B mud for over 20 years. Opinions I’ve disguised as Fresh Perspectives.

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Are you a B2B marketer with an eye out for some expert advice (and ear for some pop-culture infused banter)? Check out the Fresh Perspectives newsletter and treat yourself to a weekly chuckle or two alongside a few tokens of B2B marketing wisdom. Practical marketing advice with a spoonful of sugar. (Or, more accurately, a spoonful of Irish Whiskey).

Jonathan Paisner - B2B Brand Strategist

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The writing is different, not great, just different. Like it came from a very old 6th grader. Not exactly my cup of tea but I guess if you are in B2B marketing or branding and you like really old references, then this is definitely right up your alley.

My Mom - B2B Mom

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