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Reclaiming a brand that matters.


Reclaiming a brand that matters.
A leader in comprehensive asset protection for refineries, gas and LNG facilities, MPR Services needed a new message and identity to clearly communicate the company’s expertise in reclamation services.

After the parent company Tessenderlo Kerley spun off MPR Services, it was left without a story or a brand that could speak to who they were and what they provided. As part of a larger organization, it was easy for MPR to ride on the story coattails of a well-established brand as just another service, but now they needed to be differentiated -- not only from the parent brand, but also from everyone else in the industry, too.


Providing cost savings and peace of mind through reclamation services is at the heart of the MPR story. Through an extensive discovery process, we uncovered that reclaiming important and expensive chemicals from waste water is at the heart of the MPR message. Through a combination of messaging and identity development, Marjoram created:

  • Message framework built around the core idea: “Reclaim What Matters”
  • Logomark that combines the ideas of science and chemical extraction
  • Visual identity system developed to guide the brand for success
  • Collateral including corporate brochure


  • An identity and message that positions the organization to thrive
  • A cohesive visual identity system for internal teams to use


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