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MPR Services

How do you launch a service offering into an industry-leading independent brand?

MPR Services provides comprehensive asset protection for refineries and LNG facilities, keeping process fluids contaminant-free by installing permanent, mobile, or custom-engineered systems. Their patented processes increase asset lifespan, while reducing operational and maintenance costs for their clients. Designed by experts in the oil & gas industry for the oil & gas industry, MPR reclaims over one million gallons of amine globally every day.

The careful guidance and advice given by their experienced team members moved so many of our programs from impossible to doable through discussion and concepts. They helped our customers win.

Marketing and Communications Manager, Tessenderlo Kerley Inc

The Challenge:

Initially a service offering of the parent company, MPR Services was eventually spun off as an independent organization. As part of a larger organization, it was easy for MPR Services to ride on the brand coattails of a well-established company as just another service, but eventually they needed to stand alone and apart — not only from the parent brand, but also from everyone else in the industry, too.

The Strategy:

MPR Services needed a new messaging strategy and identity to clearly communicate the company’s expertise and difference. Through an extensive discovery process, we uncovered that reclaiming important and expensive chemicals from wastewater was at the heart of the MPR story. The message and identity also needed to point to the deep understanding of the role that MPR plays in the lives of plant managers.

The Outcome:

The creation of a global go-to-market messaging strategy and identity that was built with a focus on their people and their approach–helping customers stay competitive and compliant as they reach peak operations performance through optimized engineering and unmatched expertise. The new identity and messaging framework positioned the organization to stand on its own and thrive.

We had struggled with how to rebrand ourselves for some time and Marjoram Creative was able to come right in and help us find our new voice and identity.

Marketing Manager, MPR Services

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