Solvay & Cytec: Together they are more


Integrated campaign introduces aerospace market to a new name.
When Solvay acquired Cytec, they became the world’s second-largest materials supplier serving the aerospace market. Cytec had enjoyed years of leadership in the industry and as a result had developed deep ties with key decision makers in aerospace. A vital objective for the Global Aerospace Summit was the successful introduction of merger and the new name.

Solvay and Cytec

The Challenge:

Clearly convey the strengths of the new Cytec Solvay group by leveraging the trust, history and relationships Cytec had already built, and demonstrate a sense of excitement for the future based on what a Cytec Solvay merger could offer. The need to overcome a resistance to change was also imperative.

The Solution:

Reminding adults of their own memories of childhood and creating excitement for beneficial advances in chemistry will engage them emotionally and intellectually.

Blend the concept of new, more advanced technologies with a positive vision of the future.

The concept was to combine the historical elements of the industry with the imagination of a brighter future. The campaign included:

  • Research and strategy development
  • Concept and message development
  • Video development
  • Traditional print ads
  • Display graphics including posters and banners

The Results:

  • The Cytec team was able to create a buzz at the event around the merger.
  • The video was shown to all attendees at the event.
  • The executive team hit their goal of meetings obtained with some of the largest aerospace companies at the event.


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