5 Reasons You May Need a Content Management System

October 10, 2014 / Marjoram

1. You want complete control of your website…
We get it. With a CMS system you can have control over not only your occasional news posts but you can also edit the content of your site. Be careful, with that kind of power comes great responsibility.

2. You want to be able to post news or articles…
Content is one of the most vital components of a website. Most can build a good looking site, many can build a site that has proper messaging, but only some do well at keeping the content flame lit. Be the match.

3. You have a team of content managers…
Nothing quite manages what content changed when and by whom better than a content management system. With a CMS you can also determine who gets to do what. If Tom can only post recipes, then that can be locked down. Gone are the days of “who put that picture of a poodle on our website?”.

4. There are components of a website that appear in various places…
Quite frankly duplication is where a CMS system shines. If you have content that needs to be shotgunned to several places of a site, a well-built CMS site can do this with ease even when there are special parameters that need to be considered. I remember when you had to open every page to change global links. Okay, it was the late 90s but still!

5. You are an evolver…
Sites should not stay stagnant and we applaud your desire to add new functionality <loud claps>. With that said, adding features can be very costly when built from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel when a CMS typically comes with a global community of developers? If you think of a functional feature you want for your site there is a 90% chance that it has been built already. Why not harness the power of the worldly people and keep your cost down?

Stay tuned for some warnings that come with embarking on a CMS quest. Remember, with that kind of power comes great responsibility.

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