6 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Exhibition

Trade show exhibitions present an excellent opportunity to bring visibility to your company and grow your business. However, everyone else at the trade show is there for the same purpose—competing for space and attention, even if they’re not direct competition. Here are six tips to help you stand out from the crowd at your next trade show:

1. Set the goals. The first thing to do when planning for an event is to clarify your reasons for being there. What are your goals and how are you planning to accomplish them? Once you and your team have established specific objectives, clearly expressed and easy to quantify, it’s time to make a plan.

2. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Carefully plan for the show and try to look at it from every angle. For instance, a strategy for driving visitors to your booth may involve calling or direct mailing your current customer base. It may mean using social media marketing or hosting a giveaway or contest. A multi-prong approach is usually best; creating buzz ahead of time and working to attract customers once you’re there.

3. Be impactful. Your booth should be well dressed and so should your staff. It should be inviting, clean and comfortable, and manned by knowledgeable and friendly people who are approachable and can converse with customers easily. Once you’ve got those basics covered, create a visually interesting experience that prominently features your brand and messaging. From the signs to the lighting, your booth should stand out. You might even want to consider giving out food and drink which can be a big draw to customers tired, hungry, and thirsty after hours of walking around.

Trade Show tips

4. Have something to say. Take any opportunity you can to speak at a trade show—but don’t give a sales presentation. Instead, help to improve your industry by offering content of value that will draw and hold listeners’ attention. The best way to engage people is to have something meaningful to share with them.

5. Promote, promote, promote. One of the most effective methods of building relationships at a trade show is to engage customers through various forms of communications (email, social media, direct marketing). Offer promotions at your booth that require follow-up, and make a point to connect with people who have responded, mentioned the event or “checked in” online.

6. Bring it home! The goal of the trade show, of course, is to create new customers and generate interest in your business. By making your presence memorable and then following up using contact information you’ve gathered at the event, you’ll maximize your opportunity and sustain the interest generated by your booth. Don’t delay in making contact once the trade show has ended.

A trade show is an opportunity to build engagement and expand your customer base. By creating an innovative strategy for establishing your presence in a meaningful way, you’ll be able to make the most of these events and see an impressive ROI. Contact Marjoram Creative and we’ll help you make a plan that not only takes your brand out into the world, but also brings business back home.

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