6 Tips For an Effective Global Marketing Campaign

Is your organization a global one, or is it getting ready to expand internationally? Here are some great tips to turn your global marketing campaign into a resounding success.

1. Know your audience.
Just because a marketing strategy works in the United States doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful overseas. Before taking your brand abroad, make sure you understand the habits, behaviors, needs, and motivation of the consumers you’re targeting. This initial research investment will greatly increase your chances of overseas success.

2. Don’t spread yourself too thin.
There’s no need to blanket the globe with your brand. Start slowly by choosing a few key overseas markets and then be sure to accurately promote your brand image in each. Always work with an experienced translation company (we recommend TrueLanguage) that truly understands both the local market and your business. They’ll be able to help you transmit a powerful, effective message to your new audience.

3. Mind your dialect.
Don’t assume that translating your materials into Spanish will automatically make it understandable in all Spanish-speaking countries. Always market to a specific region, not a language, and pay close attention to local culture, holidays, and habits. Also, be sure to use local phone numbers, measurements, currency, shipping options, and hours.

4. Keep your SEO relevant.
Phrases that work in the United States aren’t necessarily going to do the job in another country. Use SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keywordtool.io to find keywords that hit the right notes wherever you’re broadcasting your message. (Checking out some competitor sites can also help you discover which SEO methods work best in the target area.)

5. Be consistent.
Consistency across your brand is crucial to your overseas success. Your message needs to be suitable to the local market across all platforms, including your website, social media accounts, blog, newsletter, and email campaigns. Don’t forget to adapt things like images, buttons, and form fields to meet the needs of your new audience.

6. Plan to stick around.
Rather than seeing your global marketing efforts as a one-time shot, make a plan with some staying power. You don’t let your domestic marketing efforts sit around and collect dust, so be careful not to do that in your foreign markets. Keeping your content fresh, your website updated, and your promotions interesting will help you maintain a loyal following no matter where you are. Use a content calendar to keep yourself on track in updating your various areas of interest.

The global market is ripe with possibility, and savvy businesses are reaping the benefits of strong global marketing. At Marjoram, we have the expertise you need to make your organization stand out from the crowd, both at home and abroad. Contact us today to make sure that your brand is really going places.