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Reclaiming a brand that matters.

MPR Branding

A leader in comprehensive asset protection for refineries, gas and LNG facilities, MPR Services needed a new message and identity to clearly communicate the company’s expertise in reclamation services.


Engineering a new brand and message.

S8 Engineering Branding

With a new name, S8 Engineering needed help identifying, visualizing, and clearly communicating their unique value to the industries they serve.


Solvay & Cytec: Together they are more

Integrated campaign introduces aerospace market to a new name. When Solvay acquired Cytec, they became the world’s second-largest materials supplier serving the aerospace market. Cytec had enjoyed years of leadership in the industry and as a result had developed deep ties with key decision makers in aerospace.


6 Tips For an Effective Global Marketing Campaign

Insights Global Marketing

Is your organization a global one, or is it getting ready to expand internationally? Here are some great tips to turn your global marketing campaign into a resounding success.

1. Know your audience.
Just because a marketing strategy works in the United States doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful overseas.


The 6 Laws of Customer Experience

The 6 Laws of Customer Experience

Much like the three laws that govern and describe almost all of physics, there are a set of six fundamental truths about how customer experience operates. And whether we know them or are acutely aware of them, they’re operating like software underneath the marketing programs we develop. Marketing might get you new customers, but if you’re not looking after the customer experience, what’s the point?


Going for Gold with an Olympic Brand

The London 2012 Olympic Games began with a bang two weeks ago and has become—contrary to NBC’s best efforts—the most watched Olympic Games ever..


Breaking the Code

You can’t go very far these days without running into a QR (Quick Response) code. Using QR codes can be a great way to engage your audience–turning them from passive viewer to active participant–but there are many things to consider before jumping on the bandwagon and assuming that “If you place it, they will come.”…


So Now We’re Cool… Right?

So the cool kids at Microsoft have recently released their new logo for Windows 8. On first impression I have mixed feelings about this new mark. Maybe it’s the preconceived notion that I have about what a Windows logo should be, or maybe it’s the complete departure from their multi-colored, dimensional logos that threw me…


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