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5 Steps to Modernize Your B2B Website’s Product Catalogs

With few exceptions, printed B2B product catalogs have gone the way of the rotary phone and floppy disk — all relics of the past.  The product catalog is just one of many B2B industrial and ingredient brand marketing elements that must make the digital shift. When industrial companies are in the early stages of adopting a…


Is Your Corporate B2B Website Homepage Doing Its Job?

Your Website Should Welcome

Is your industrial or ingredient B2B brand homepage doing its job? Learn how to improve your corporate website homepage to connect with users.


Overcome Corporate Website Constraints to Market Effectively 

Overcome Corporate Website Constraints to Market Effectively

Does your corporate website help you market your product solutions? For many B2B marketers, or at least those willing to offer an honest opinion, the answer is often a firm “no.” A corporate website serves a number of purposes for ingredient and industrial brands in the B2B sector. The site unifies numerous divisions, products and…


Are you considering video for your industrial product?

A go-to guide for including video in your marketing strategy.

Are you considering video for your ingredient product?

Videos are a great way to inform and interact with your audience, especially when you’re an ingredient technology. They have the ability to make the highly complex easier to understand, and they’re extremely flexible—they can demonstrate a process or encourage a quick understanding of your component technology and what it makes possible. So, how should you be using this powerful medium to engage your audience?


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