6 Ways You Could (and Should) Put Video Into Your Marketing

Videos are a great way to inform and interact with your audience. They’re also extremely flexible—they can simplify something complex, demonstrate a process, or just encourage quick understanding of who you are and what you do.

So, how should you be using this powerful medium to engage your audience?

1. Video on Your Homepage
What challenge did your potential customer have that may have led them to your website? Can you solve it? How will they understand what you do—quickly? The key to effective video use on your homepage is to keep it short: no more than 2 minutes at most. Focus on your key messaging—what makes you different, what makes you the best alternative—and leave the details for later.

2. Video On Landing Pages
Landing pages are usually targeted to a specific group for a specific purpose (a new product or event)—so any videos included on campaign landing pages should be tailored to match the call to action behind the click through. (Unbounce notes that using videos can boost conversion by up to 80%.)

3. Video for Content Marketing
Demonstrating your expertise, enhancing your reputation, and expanding trust within an industry are all by-products of an effective content marketing strategy. Regardless of industry, your customers now have more information thrown at them every day, causing them to be more selective about who they listen to and how they protect their valuable time. Your video should offer them something different, interesting, and short. Simple animated slide shows or brief product demos can be a great addition to any content. Do this well, and it will have the added benefit of helping you stand out in search engine results, too.

4. Video in Your Email Campaigns
Email is still a powerful marketing tool for connecting with existing and potential customers, and video use in emails is a proven winner. Brainshark notes a 20% boost in open rates, with a two- to threefold jump in click through rates. And the good news is that incorporating video into email content has never been easier. (Example: MailChimp automatically converts video embed codes into a screenshot plus a link back to the source of the video.)

5. Video at a Trade Show or Event
Making your company stand out and achieve instant brand recognition at a crowded industry event can be tricky. To ensure that you stay top of mind and turn your exhibit visitors into leads, entice them with compelling video content. Whether you have a new product announcement or just want to offer a view into the daily life of your company, make sure it’s professionally produced and so engaging that it will literally stop traffic.

6. Video of Your Clients
There’s no advocacy more powerful than your potential customers watching your existing customers sing your praises. Keep in mind, though, that it shouldn’t always be just about you. Video is often most persuasive when it’s also about your customers or your industry as a whole—and positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field is far more effective than endless rounds of self-promotion.

[Portions of this post were repurposed from MarketingProfs.]