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How B2B Industrial Brands Can Infuse Their Messaging with Empathy 

How B2B Industrial Brands Can Infuse Their Messaging with Empathy

“Never assume people will understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.” — Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand  It’s tempting, even natural, to see your brand as the hero of its own brand story. For many ingredient and industrial brands, the hero label is a welcome one. Who wouldn’t want a reputation for…


Complexity Kills: How to Simplify Your Industrial Brand Message

Complexity Kills

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs For many B2B industrial and ingredient brands, complexity is an admirable, cherished value — even a source…


How Industrial Brands Can Use Video Content Marketing (On Any Budget)

How Industrial Brands can use video

There’s a reason video content is highly compelling. Science says that 65% of us are visual learners. And our brains process images – moving or still – 60,000 times faster than text. Simply put, it’s just easier to get attention with video. Marketers have known this for quite a while. According to a 2022 State…


How to Win Internal Approval for Your B2B Product Messaging Campaigns

B2B Product Messaging Campaign Approval

Imagine that feeling in the pit of your stomach when a pitch you’ve sunk considerable time and resources into has just crashed and burned. Maybe you don’t have to imagine. If you’ve been a part of a marketing pitch gone wrong, you remember the experience viscerally.  The reason a lot of product marketing strategies fail…


Why Your B2B Product Messaging Must Lead with Benefits Over Features 

Good marketing simply meets the customer where they are. But great marketing brings with it a compelling argument that helps your product stand out from the rest.  A product feature list, no matter how nicely presented, just doesn’t cut it.  Bottom line: It’s the story that sells. You can make the most technically sound product…


Make Your Creative Bench Deep Enough to Support Your Brand 

How deep is your creative bench?

Large industrial brands have considerable marketing and creative needs. These needs can’t be met solely by internal marketing teams. In fact, they shouldn’t be.  An outside perspective is invaluable in marketing.  Managing your portfolio of marketing needs requires a balancing act between developing and optimizing your internal marketing resources and supplementing your needs with trusted,…


Room for Interpretation? How Flexibility in Brand Guidelines Helps Product Messaging

Brand Flexibility

Brand guidelines are created for a reason. A few very good reasons, actually.  Branding efforts help your company define an identity and stand out from the pack. And brand standards and guidelines make certain that your organization is presented in a systematic and easily recognizable manner.  Your company does many different things and talks to…


Turn what you make into what you make possible.

Ingredient branding go-to-market strategies.

Weather forecasting has really been through an evolution. While the Farmers’ Almanac still has space on many a dusty bookshelf, modern meteorology uses different facets of technology for complex data modeling, weather satellite data analysis and historical temperature range review. The combination of these components, or ingredients, improves prediction accuracy and presents a higher level…


Beyond Personas: Understanding your audience so well, it’s like you read their mind.

What’s the difference between knowing your audience, and understanding them?

If you’re like us, you’re now spending most of your working hours at home. During this time of home-based social distancing, you might be running into your neighbors a bit more than usual. If you know your neighbor, you can quickly summarize the most basic information about them if asked: name, profession, marital status, number…


Are you framing the solution or the problem?

Your messaging must address their unique pain, too—not just your specific awesome.

BUILDING RAPPORT Chances are you don’t personally know your potential client, so picking up the phone and just talking one of your old college buddies into a professional blind date isn’t an option – but that shouldn’t stop you from understanding their problems and how you can help them. One thing you do definitely know:…


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