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Are you focused on the customer experience?

A go-to guide for industrial brands.

Customer Experience

Much like the three laws of motion that govern general physics, there’s a set of six fundamental truths about how the customer experience operates for ingredient brands–or any brand, for that matter. And whether we know these truths or not, they’re operating like software underneath every marketing program we develop.


Are you considering video for your industrial product?

A go-to guide for including video in your marketing strategy.

Are you considering video for your ingredient product?

Videos are a great way to inform and interact with your audience, especially when you’re an ingredient technology. They have the ability to make the highly complex easier to understand, and they’re extremely flexible—they can demonstrate a process or encourage a quick understanding of your component technology and what it makes possible. So, how should you be using this powerful medium to engage your audience?


An ingredient brand manifesto.

What do you make (possible)?

Marjoram Manifesto

We get / We build / We ignite ingredient brands. We see the piece that makes the whole better. We know how to help your customers see it, too. We help ingredient manufacturers step out of the shadows and into the spotlight, into the place where they tell relevant stories about what they make possible….