S8. Building a brand that matters

As a leader in EPC industry, S8 Engineering provides decades of experience in the scoping, designing, building and operating process plants worldwide. With a new name, they needed help identifying and clearly communicating their unique value to that industry.

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Insights Global Marketing

Is your organization a global one, or is it getting ready to expand internationally? Here are some great tips to turn your global marketing campaign into a resounding success.

1. Know your audience.
Just because a marketing strategy works in the United States doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful overseas.

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Using Email to Send a Message that Matters

In a world that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seem to dominate, it’s easy to look at email as an old-fashioned tool for promoting your business. However, to be a truly effective marketer, you’ll want to use every tool at your disposal.

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6 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Exhibition

Trade show exhibitions present an excellent opportunity to bring visibility to your company and grow your business. However, everyone else at the trade show is there for the same purpose—competing for space and attention, even if they’re not direct competition. Here are six tips to help you stand out from the crowd at your next trade show.

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The 6 Laws of Customer Experience

Much like the three laws that govern and describe almost all of physics, there are a set of six fundamental truths about how customer experience operates. And whether we know them or are acutely aware of them, they’re operating like software underneath the marketing programs we develop. Marketing might get you new customers, but if you’re not looking after the customer experience, what’s the point?

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Cracking the Trophy Kid Code

There is a statistic for everything you ever wanted to know about the coveted Millennial consumer. These 18-34 year olds were born into a technologically-fueled era that has resulted in the explosion of Big Data. Information about Millennials’ preferences, desires, habits and inclinations has been collected, analyzed and dissected in the quest to get inside their heads and into their pockets.

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