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Launching a platform—and a brand—for smarter giving. 

Knitt creates partnerships between businesses and nonprofits seeking funding for their causes in the communities they serve. Knitt accomplishes this by empowering the discovery, nurturing, and building of relationships between businesses and nonprofits based on common values, beliefs, and an overarching mission to give back. The platform offers a wide range of digital tools to…


A Mighty Approach to Product Campaign Messaging

Henkel Easyflow Messaging Campaign

Marketing campaign and messaging built upon a core idea of confidence to establish a unique and ownable identity for Easyflow. By leveraging the unique form factor, we created a messaging framework that focused on the small size of the technology.


Reclaiming a brand that matters.

MPR Branding

A leader in comprehensive asset protection for refineries, gas and LNG facilities, MPR Services needed a new message and identity to clearly communicate the company’s expertise in reclamation services.


Launching a new brand at scale.

CBB Harvest Brand

Columbia Basin Bioscience combines the gifts of nature with the unparalleled production experience of third generation farming to establish one of the largest, vertically integrated, single-site CBD production facilities in the world. Born out of frustration with an industry that played fast and loose when it came to quality or standards, CBB was created to…


Engineering a new brand and message.

S8 Engineering Branding

With a new name, S8 Engineering needed help identifying, visualizing, and clearly communicating their unique value to the industries they serve.


Transforming the way product information is used and viewed.

Marjoram produced an online/offline touchscreen application that allowed prospects and current customers to interact with product information by self-selecting criteria.


Solvay & Cytec: Together they are more

Integrated campaign introduces aerospace market to a new name. When Solvay acquired Cytec, they became the world’s second-largest materials supplier serving the aerospace market. Cytec had enjoyed years of leadership in the industry and as a result had developed deep ties with key decision makers in aerospace.


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